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Resale Certification

 Please supply us with a copy of your state's resale certification. For California please complete and return to us the state mandated form.  You can download the form here if you need it.

CA resale cert (pdf)


MAP Agreement

 While Morgan Imports actively supports the advertising and promotion of its products by its' dealer stores, online shops  and sales representatives; Morgan Imports enforces a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy to protect the strong  reputation for providing customers with high quality products and to preserve our dealers’ ability to compete without  having their prices undercut by  online sales. This MAP Agreement must be signed and adhered to in order to receive  future orders.  

Minimum Advertised Pricing Agreement Morgan Imports (pdf)


3rd Party Re-sellers Agreement

To ensure that our product lines are not diluted and/ or devalued in the market place, which benefits no re-seller, we are instituting  a policy of limiting the number of sellers on each multi-vendor market place such as Amazon eBay Sears.com Walmart.com etc.. Please complete the form and return to us along with the MAP agreement and your resale certification.

Morgan Imports LLC Online sales agreement (pdf)